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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Something to be thankful for...

I'm pretty glad that my nose has not been bitten off in a fight. Although I guess if I was fighting a lion, or a shark, or a kimodo dragon, or a regular dragon, I would be pleased if the only part of my body that was bitten off was my nose. I mean, a regular dragon would only bite your nose off to tease you before gulping you down in one bite, so if I managed to get away from a dragon w/ just a missing nose, I'm a happy camper. Obviously, I'd rather surrender a body part not so noticeable, like one of my pinkies(toe or finger), or my appendix, but I'll take no nose over death any day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is that a blog? No, it's a boog!

Hey y' I guess this will be the new place that I will do my"official" blogging. I'll still post major blogs on myspace, where my interest in blogging started. But along w/ my major blogs, any mini blogs or small pats on the back blogs that I might write will be posted here. Okay, after repeatedly typing the word "blog" in it's various forms, I'm sick of the word. That word is no longer allowed here. I think I like "boog"'s like that word, but not exactly that word, and it makes me giggle because I think of boogers. So, from now on, my posts are called "boogs", and I will be "booging", not the other thing. Welcome to my boog!

You may wonder about the title of my boog, Meta Merta Meat. Meta is my actual name, Merta is my alter-ego, and Meat is what I accidently type when I'm in a hurry signing my name on emails. You have no idea how many of my clients have received emails from "Meat Kroker", and then that probably made them hungry and wishing I was a meat delivery person instead of a travel consultant. Little did they know that for the right amount of money, I would have totally brought them some meat...and maybe even cooked it for them if they sweetened the pot, you know what I'm saying? But I digress...

Many of you have met Merta, and if you haven't, you will in the pages of this boog. Can they be called pages when they are online? I mean, I guess they are pages, I've heard the term "web page" before. Sorry, that was Merta talking. She's an idiot. See, I told you that you'd meat Merta! I mean meet Merta, jeez. Meet-meat, Meta-Merta, Meat-Meta...this boog is already giving me kittens!

So yeah, the boog is Meta Merta Meat, and I am Meta Merta Meat, but you can call me Wombat...pleased to meet you!